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Craig "Quimby"

Craig "Quimby"

A podcast hero for 10 years, and one of the loudest mouths on the planet, Quimby is as dedicated to sports as anyone, and usually bitching about it!! As the host and MC for Green Legion Radio AND Get Tanqed Happy Hour, it is ALWAYS entertaining. Aside from forming Green Legion Radio alongside Michael Diaz, he also owns The Green Legion (travel and tailgate groups) and is responsible for the largest gatherings of Eagles fans, both at home and around the country! He grew up in Pottstown, PA and went to Valley Forge Military Academy for high school, where, at the time, he was the youngest graduate in the history of the school, as he was accepted and attended Drexel University at the age of 16! In 1992, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in both Finance and Marketing. If you want to speak about going on a trip or a sponsorship for any of Green Legion Radio's shows, contact him at quimby@greenlegion.com!



Gregg Murphy

Gregg Murphy is a sports journalist and reporter. He served as a field reporter for NBC Sports Philadelphia's coverage of the Philadelphia Phillies from 2012-2020 and was part of CN8's sports coverage. Now also a part of Green Legion Radio hosting The Bud Light Baseball Brunch with Chris Sack.




Diaz started his partnership with the Green Legion and Quimby as client on the Legion's first Dallas INVASION back in 2004 and has travelled all over the country following the Eagles ever since. In 2016, Diaz became an official member of the Green Legion's staff as its Social Media Director, growing the brand organically over their platforms as well as forging relationships throughout the Philadelphia sports community. Always a fan having strong opinions on what's going on in Philly sports, Diaz and Quimby partnered up shortly following the Eagles Super Bowl victory in 2018 to create Green Legion Radio! Their different views on the Philly teams continues to grab followers on both sides of an argument and growing the show's reach. Diaz also co-hosts Ice To Shorts Winter Sports with Chris Sack during the Sixers and Flyers seasons.


Kyle "Slash"

Kyle Nunnamaker

Kyle "Slash" Nunnamaker is a co-host and producer for Fox Sports The Gambler who joined the Green Legion Radio team in 2020. Slash recently landed a sales position at iHeartMedia as an Account Executive, while still holding programming responsibilities for The Gambler. Slash earned his nickname because of the various titles and roles he performs on the iHeartMedia team.



Chris Sack

Chris Sack- Had a sports talk radio show “Ballin’” on 91.7 WLFR FM while a student at Stockton College from 2006 to 2008 while achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Joined Green Legion Radio as a Phillies correspondent in November 2018 and became a full time contributor to the show before the show started on 102.5 Fox Sports the Gambler in Spring 2020. Host of “Bud Light Baseball Brunch” with Phillies broadcaster Gregg Murphy on Sunday mornings from 11 AM to Noon.


"Super" Sam

Sam Ross-Brady

Hailing from the Haddonfield, NJ area, Super Sam has been on a lifelong quest to seat Gisele as Tom Brady's go to piece!! We're kidding!! SAMANTHA HATES TOM BRADY with more passion than all of us combined! As a 39-year old "intern," she does it just for fun, and along with being AMAZINGLY engaged as our chat room mediator on every show, she also does much more behind the scenes and is there whenever we need her...Unless, of course, it's summer and we can't pull her out of Sea Isle! She has NOT MISSED a home Eagles game where attendance was allowed in over TWENTY YEARS, and gets this passion from "Big Sam," her father, also a great supporter of the show! We are very lucky to have her as part of our team!!


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